Rare, vintage Ikea furniture is selling for a small fortune

Stephanie Linning for Mail Online:

Collectors splashing out as much as £50,000 to snap up rare vintage pieces by the Swedish furniture maker at auction houses around the world, research reveals. 

Many of the most sought-after items are ones that flopped when they were first released while others are the result of collaborations between IKEA and well-known designers. Colourful flatpack chairs designed by futuristic Danish designer Verner Panton worth £60 in 1993 now sell for £700.

The most expensive example is the IKEA ‘mushroom’ or ‘clam’ chair, which was released just a year after the store was founded in 1943. It has appeared at numerous fine art and design auctions around the world, where it has fetched for up to £50,000.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to get Art.

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