Butter-soft and icy-sharp cement furniture

Eleanor Gibson, writing for Dezeen:

Brooklyn designer Fernando Mastrangelo has created a pair of contrasting furniture collections: one that features smooth curves and another with jagged edges.

Both based on different natural forms – rocky glaciers influenced the jagged edged Thaw, while fallen snow inspired the softly curved Ghost – which he achieved using different moulds and materials. [..]

“It starts as a massive block of foam and its CNC milled, the machine sort of spins it and cuts it,” Mastrangelo said. “Then we takes those back to the studio, and make these huge moulds out of fibreglass.” The moulds are mounted on their sides against a wall and the liquid cement is poured in and left to set – a technique that creates the striations that pattern the surfaces.

To create the Thaw pieces, powdered glass and cement is poured into an MDF box to set. The designer hand sculpts the material before it is left to set.

Cement furniture is clearly derived from the building material and hence more often than not is treated in the same way. Not this one though; Mastrangelo’s masterfully brings out properties of cement that are unique to this scale.

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