Experimental pieces that rethink the traditional park bench

Alli Morris, writing for Dezeen:

Participating designers were asked to reconsider the concept of the traditional park bench while retaining its sole function of providing an urban meeting place to sit or relax.

While some are upgrades of existing benches in the Kvarnbacken park [Stockholm, Sweden], others are entirely new designs. Every Superbench has the potential to become a permanent fixture in the park, but only if it is appreciated and used by locals in the area.

More discreet interpretations included Max Lamb’s Superbench. Using a CNC mandrel bending machine, Lamb fashioned a zigzagging design out of a length of simple stainless-steel tube that is bent six times at 90┬ádegrees in alternating directions.

“101.6 OD 305 CLR” is like a piece of street furniture,” says Lamb. “Ubiquitous, substantial, utilitarian, familiar, ambiguous, unnoticed.”

If only more countries undertook such initiatives.

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