Apple launches 10.5 inch iPad with enhanced iOS productivity features

Apple refreshed its iPad Pro lineup yesterday which included replacing the current 9.7″ size with a larger 10.5″ in just a slightly larger body — bezels were reduced by 40% — for a larger display and a full size keyboard. On the hardware front, we’ve come to expect the processor and graphics bump, but the most significant improvement is the 120 Hz refresh rate (on par with decent TVs) which has doubled from last year’s model. This enables a smoother scrolling and most importantly, an almost unnoticeable lag while using the Pencil.

Hardware though is only half — and the less important one at that — the story. The iPad can finally be taken as a serious productivity tool thanks to the system wide iOS improvements tailored to this device’s power and form factor. That includes a file manager, a MacOS style dock, better multitasking, the much awaited drag-and-drop feature, and better markup abilities for the Pencil.

I’m not going into much detail since Apple’s website explain the products well. All in all, these iPads are better than mid-range PCs at similar costs but are ironically straddled by what made iOS so popular and the preferred platform in the first place – app support (pro level in this case).

Side rant: I’m sure those bezels can be reduced further especially at this size and with all of Apple’s love for symmetry, the home button being vertically misaligned [off centre] seems bizarre.

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