The mother of 4K TVs, at 262 inches

That second image may be the least appetising photo of the bunch but the most important; that’s the comparison of a tiny 50-inch TV with its 262-inch counterpart (ignoring the aspect ratio) – roughly 26 times larger.

From their product page:

Stay seated in your favorite fauteuil and push the remote control button. Watch the customized fabric cover fold away to reveal the enormous 4k LED TV. Pick content from the integrated 4k media server and enjoy a viewing experience that up to now was simply unavailable outside a private movie theatre in a remote corner of your mansion.

You definitely need a mansion. Or at least be able to afford one. Price: 35,000 euros.

Sorry, that just covers installation. Add another 490,000 euros.

Oh, and leave some contingency fees for (re)making the reinforced concrete wall behind it; 800 kilos isn’t going to support itself.

P.S.: That is the customised fabric cover in action.

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