Silicon Valley thieves unwittingly decide to steal GPS tracking devices

Via Tech 2:

Silicon Valley thieves made their way into Roambee, a technology company in Santa Clara. They grabbed a beer from the fridge, cut themselves in the process and left behind plenty of fingerprint and blood evidence. However, what made the job of the police much easier was the choice of the devices they stole from Roambee. The thieves made off with about a hundred GPS tracking devices, together worth $18,000 (roughly Rs 11,56,000).

Immediately after the detection of the theft, Roambee went into damage control mode and provided the police with the software needed to track the GPS devices. The police zeroed in on a warehouse as the location, but two of the trackers were mobile and the police could see where the thieves were driving around. Two men were arrested, and the police found other stolen property at the location.

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