Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note renders the fingerprint sensor even more unusable

Richard Lawler, writing for Dezeen:

While the Galaxy Note 8 won’t launch until August 23rd, noted leaker Evan Blass aka EVLeaks has just posted a full render of the device in its Midnight Black color.

It also shows a rear fingerprint sensor in roughly the same spot as on the Galaxy S8 — a place that makes it tough to access and easy to smudge your camera’s lens.

While I’m aware that phones are designed well in advance of the final launch but considering the Galaxy S8’s fingerprint sensor placement was a major design flaw, it’s hard not to critique Samsung for rushing all bases to tweak that one component to an acceptable level. Irony is, with the dual-camera setup the sensor has shifted even more to the side (of a 6.3-inch device), making it harder to reach, especially for right-handed people.

But hey, it is symmetrically sound.

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