Family house in Japan centred on an indoor garden

Eleanor Gibson, writing for Dezeen:

This family¬†house in¬†Japan’s Shiga prefecture was designed by local studio Hearth Architects around an indoor garden, which is planted with a tree that extends towards a skylight.

To make the most of this sunny spot, the architects created a double-height void for an indoor garden.

The tall rough rendered walls around the garden provide the residents with privacy from the street, with two openings that offer natural ventilation.

The inner walls of the garden are also fitted with openings to offer views from the spaces inside towards the garden and access to daylight.

As the deciduous tree sheds its leaves in the winter it will allow more light into the residence, and when it flourishes in the summer it will offer shade.

Not to skimp over the immaculate craftsmanship or beautiful material palette, but what draws me to this house is the beautiful execution of space in this smallish apartment; of the indoor, the outdoor and the in-between.

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