Detergent and soap condensed into capsules to reduce eco-waste

Via Dezeen:

Aiming to create a sustainable alternative to standard cleaning products, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Mirjam de Bruijn has condensed detergent, dish soap and shampoo into solid forms that are activated by water. De Bruijn, who is presenting her 20 project at this year’s Dutch Design Week, came up with the idea after looking at the ingredients on regular detergent bottles.

“I found that water is the main ingredient of detergent, it’s 80 to 90 per cent water – so you’re paying for water, and companies are essentially transporting water all over the globe,” she told Dezeen.

The project proposes that the remaining 20 per cent of non-water ingredients be concentrated and sold as either a powder, a bar, or a liquid capsule. When mixed with water at home, the products can be stored in a reusable plastic bottle, which comes in various shapes depending on the substance they would hold.

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