We’re consumed by electronic equipment all around us, but few people take notice of what makes certain products stand out from the others. We often get deceived by pure specifications; For example, phones are compared to that degree on ‘comparison’ websites – camera megapixel count, amount of memory (RAM), battery capacity etc. We overlook that some phones may perform more efficiently with the same internal components, and in some cases having unnecessary memory takes a toll on the processing power and subsequently the battery.

Above all, we forget that the primary goal is the experience, and with the increase of all-glass touchscreens, this is gearing more towards good software design. Internal hardware is required to purely complement the software. The best experience is when the product goes invisible, and we’re consumed by the content.

If you’re interested in like-wise expert advice—with fitting explanations to go with it—while buying tech products, please get in touch.

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